Varsity Travel Safety 

Varsity Travel conduct our own Risk Assessments on each of our destinations, identifying hazards and making improvements on a continual basis. We do not simply provide a tour package from the day of departure. From the original proposal to the Headteacher or governors through to the pre-tour planning and running of the tour, our staff are on hand at every stage of the process to advise, assist, provide documentation and even visit school/college to give evening presentations to pupils, parents and staff. We provide tangible help and advice with every aspect of the tour to ensure the safety and well-being of all of our guests that join us abroad.

The Varsity Travel Safety and Security System covers each component part of your Study Tour and includes:

  • Hotel accommodation
  • Coach operators
  • Pre-tour safety guide and risk assessment
  • Emergency assistance
  • Museums and excursions
  • Emergency procedures in foreign countries

We have an ongoing safety program whereby we constantly analyse each destination to identify potential hazards or dangers, making improvements and changes on a continual basis. All hotels are vetted and certified according to the laws and requirements appropriate to that country. We only use reputable coach operators who are inspected and tested by The Department of Transport.

Our comprehensive safety program reassures parents, staff and pupils that the tour is well organised with passenger safety at the core of the tour organisation.

‘You provided us with an experience that we could not have recreated without your knowledge and expertise. Your planning and organisation was fantastic, tailoring the itinerary to everything that we wanted to see, making sure that we had enough time at each establishment.
It was fantastic that we had the flexibility to tailor the itinerary in Paris according to the weather and interests of our students on the day. It meant that regardless of a few moments of wet and windy conditions, we were able to enjoy all of our time away’

Ms Caroline Weaver Art Teacher, St Albans High School for Girls. Paris 2020.
Ms Caroline Weaver

‘At High Tunstall School we have organised MFL tours for several years through Varsity Travel. Our experience of working with them has been positive on every occasion.
From the moment we have started planning our tour, to the time we have returned, their meticulous planning and attention to detail has been second to none. The tour guides accompanying us have expert knowledge of the location and sites visited, allowing school staff to concentrate solely on the welfare of the students in their care during the tour.’

Mrs Louise Tempest Head of Faculty, High Tunstall School Hartlepool. Paris 2019
Mrs Louise Tempest