Safety Guidelines and Checklists

Upon booking, we will forward our comprehensive 24 page document outlining the steps to take when organising a Study Tour, specifically with regard to the minimisation of risk.

This document includes important information on the following subjects:

  • The steps of planning a study visit
  • Group leader responsibilities
  • Staff ratios
  • Risk assessments
  • Supervision of pupils
  • First aid
  • Emergency procedures
  • Swimming
  • An emergency on a school visit
  • Risk assessment and hazard reduction
  • Compiling a study visit file
  • Information needed by parents
  • Transport considerations
  • Environmental considerations
  • Legal and insurance considerations
  • Residential accommodation assessment sheet


We will provide group leaders with a template of checklists to ensure that all of the relevant steps have been followed. The checklists that we provide cover the following subjects:

  • Responsibilities checklist
  • Main planning checklist
  • Supervision checklist
  • Preparing the students checklist
  • Communication with parents checklist
  • Transportation checklist
  • Insurance checklist
  • Residential visits checklist

‘Varsity supported us all the way. We couldn’t have asked for more. Raoul was so attentive & always planning the next stage so we could relax & focus on the kids. We would like to request the same driver & tour guide for next year please.’

Mrs Joanne Dance Head of History, Outwood Academy Doncaster. IWW Battlefields 2018.
Mrs Joanne Dance

‘This is our third excursion with Varsity & we are yet again very pleased with the high standard of service that we received. Helene went to every effort to ensure that the tour ran smoothly & that the kids enjoyed all their activities & not one of my 17/18 year olds complained.
We are looking forward to our third tour with you (within 12 months…surely we qualify for loyalty points?!)’

Mr James Sladden Head of History, Queen Elizabeth’s School Faversham. Paris 2019.
Mr James Sladden