Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments

Upon booking, we will forward a detailed Risk Assessment for the specific itinerary that you will be following. All potential risks are identified, rated and given an initial risk rating. Existing procedures for dealing with the risks are identified and evaluated. Additional control measures for dealing with the risks are then identified before the hazard is given a residual risk rating.

Our comprehensive Risk Assessments are in line with DfES best practice and draw attention to the various risks that exist, how to manage these risks and contain them to within an acceptable level. Our Risk Assessments are evaluated and updated on a continual basis to ensure that they are relevant and consistent with current government recommendations.

‘Everything worked like clockwork. Excellent hotel, food & of course an amazing itinerary. The buzz created in school is so positive. Already looking forward to next year.’

Mrs Jo Sarrazin Head of MFL. Heath End School Farnham
Mrs Jo Sarrazin

‘I have used Varsity Travel since 2006 & have found their service consistently reliable with excellent communication. They will assist and guide you carefully throughout the booking process, and will also come to your school and complete a presentation to parents if required.
As it is a smaller family-run business I feel that there is a more personal touch to what Varsity offer and deliver professionally. I have just returned from a wonderful Varsity Art Tour of Andalusia and have already discussed with Laurence our next tour with Varsity to Florence!’

Mr. Clive Robinson Weald of Kent School, Tonbridge
Mr. Clive Robinson