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Terms & Conditions

Varsity Travel booking conditions


1. Varsity Travel (‘The Company’) accepts liability for any loss that you may suffer if any part of the Study Visit arrangements are not as described & not of a reasonable standard. We also accept liability for death or personal injury as a result of the Study Visit arrangements failing to be as described & of a reasonable standard. However, these acceptances of liability do not apply if there has been no fault on the Company’s part or if the loss, death or personal injury is attributable to an individual’s own acts or omissions or the acts & omissions of a third party not involved in providing the services which make up your Study Visit, which were unforeseeable or unavoidable, or were due to unusual & unforeseeable circumstances whose consequences could not have been avoided, anticipated, foreseen or forestalled even with all due care.

2. The company’s liability to compensate you & the amount of such compensation is subject to the following limitations. First, in the case of damage other than death, illness or personal injury, compensation is restricted to a reasonable amount having regard to such factors as the cost of the Study Tour & the extent to which the enjoyment of the Study Tour was said to have been affected. The maximum amount of compensation that Varsity Travel will pay is two times the cost of your Study Visit.

3. Our company policy is that we will consider compensation for any problems caused by negligence on our part. We do not compensate where we have not acted negligently.

4. Complaints: Please note that any complaints must be reported to the Tour Guide during the tour in order for us to try to resolve the issue. Any complaints that have not been reported to the Tour Guide while on tour will be deemed as Post-Tour Feedback rather than an official complaint.

Force Majeur

Varsity Travel accepts no responsibility for & shall not be liable in respect of any loss, damage, alterations, delays or changes arising from unusual or unforeseen circumstances beyond its control such as war, threat of war, riot, civil strife, industrial disputes including air traffic control disputes, terrorist activity, political unrest, natural & nuclear disaster, floods, fire & adverse weather conditions, technical problems with transport, closure or congestion of airports or ports.

Holiday Descriptions

The information that we send to schools & colleges is given in good faith & is believed to be correct at the time of publication. However, as the information is prepared a long time in advance of the date of travel, Varsity Travel reserves the right to make any necessary changes to the tours described in the brochure. It may also be necessary to modify a tour itinerary or its contents due to different factors. In such circumstances we reserve the right to substitute alternative arrangements. Reservations at the sites, galleries & museums is subject to booking availability. It may not be possible to secure a group reservation at certain popular sites. We also reserve the right to substitute hotels depending on availability. The hotel used may differ from that outlined in your initial Suggested Itinerary. This is because we make hotel bookings upon receipt of deposit payments. Your final choice of hotel will be confirmed & detailed in your Final Itinerary. All hotels used are 2, 3 or 4 star Tourist Class hotels with en-suite bathroom facilities.

Booking of Particular Sites In Your Itinerary

The initial Suggested Itinerary we send in response to your initial enquiry is a suggestion only & is provided in good faith. We commence the bookings for the sites included in your itinerary once we receive your deposit payments to fully confirm your tour reservation. We will endeavour to make reservations at all of the sites included in your itinerary. Our site bookings are dependant on availability at the time of our booking request. Varsity Travel never guarantee that any particular site will be included in your itinerary as it may not be possible to secure a group reservation at certain popular sites or during busy times of year. You can help us to secure reservations at popular sites by paying your deposit payments as early as possible so we can then commence the bookings for your tour early & increase the chance of success with our reservation requests.

Late Payments

Final payments are due 5 weeks prior to departure. As per the Late Payment of Commercial Debts [Interest] Act 1998 as amended and supplemented by the Late Payment of Commercial Debts Regulations 2002, interest on late payments will be charged at a rate of Bank of England Base Rate (at Final Payment due date) + 8% calculated on a daily basis. Please note that due to insurance restrictions, we are unable to operate any Study Tours without the final payment being received prior to departure. 

Travel by Air

All transportation by air, land & sea is subject to the terms & conditions of carriage of the company providing the transport, some of which limit or exclude liability. By its contract with your school/college, Varsity Travel does not enter into an agreement for carriage by air, but only undertakes to reserve, on participants’ behalf accommodation on board an aircraft operated by one of the airlines selected by Varsity Travel. It is the responsibility of pupils & parents to ensure that they have the correct visa & passport to enter the country being visited. Varsity Travel do not make applications or representations concerning passport visas. Air travel is subject to operational decisions by the carriers & airport authorities which may result in delay or the aircraft being diverted, over which Varsity Travel has no control. Our airline partners are Easyjet, British Airways, Iberia, ThomsonFly & Ryanair. We always endeavour to use the most convenient airports & flight departure times but we reserve the right to use flights at any time of day & from any airport depending on the flight availability & costs. We do not operate Study Tours by air with a departure on Saturdays. Please advise us if you have any particular preference for flight departure times eg. avoid early morning departures, late return flights etc. & we will do our best to accommodate these requests.

Flight Availability

We have a budget for the flights & we will seek to use the most convenient airport & flights from those available within our budget. Where available flights are in excess of our budget, we may ask group leaders to either cover the cost of the difference in air fare or reschedule the dates of the tour to alternative dates where there is flight availability within budget. Group leaders can help us to secure the best flights by sending their deposits & passenger name list in time for us to be able to book the flights early. We will sometimes give a deadline before which we need to receive deposits & passenger list, after which the tour dates may have to be rescheduled. Please note that we do not operate flights on Saturdays as these are usually difficult to secure flights for.

Passenger Names & Name Corrections For Tours by Air:

Passenger names must be as per passports. Where names have been given to us incorrectly, Varsity Travel will forward the flight confirmations & it is the responsibility of the group leader to contact the airline to correct the names & pay any airline fees charged as a consequence of the corrections.

Checking In Groups By Air

For groups where many pupils are taking cabin baggage only, most of the passengers can be checked in for the flights online, prior to departure. In this case, it the group leader’s responsibility to check all members of the group in online & print the boarding passes ready for departure. To do this, the following information will be required for all passengers: Passenger Name, Nationality, Date of Birth, Passport Number, Country of Issue, Date of Expiry. Varsity Travel will forward the flight confirmations in good time to complete the checking-in process prior to departure. Where we have the resources available, Varsity Travel will enter the passport information on group leaders’ behalf & forward the boarding passes once check-in process has been completed.

Luggage Restrictions For Study Tours by Air

The airlines now charge up to £50 to take a checked-in suitcase on a return flight (the exact cost depends on the airline used). Rather than increase our prices by this amount & have the effect of making our Study Tours prohibitively expensive for many pupils, we prefer to maintain the very reasonable costs of our Study Tours & make the taking of checked-in suitcases optional. With a carry-on suitcase that conforms to the airlines’ cabin baggage requirements, careful packing & forward planning, there is no problem with taking sufficient clothes & supplies for a Study Tour. Please note that Varsity Travel do cover the cost of all accompanying staff to take checked-in luggage (to a limit of 15kg as per the airline terms & conditions). The current permitted cabin luggage restrictions are as follows: Length: 55cm, width: 40cm, depth: 20 cm including wheels, side pockets, handles etc. Maximum permitted weight is 10kg.

Luggage Lists:

We request that group leaders send us only 1 luggage list & do not add additional luggage requests afterwards. We will add the airline luggage for the main list that is sent & any late-additional luggage requests will have to be added & paid for directly at the airport, which is more expensive than if done beforehand.

Travel by Eurotunnel or Ferry

During peak dates of travel it may not be possible for us to book the departure times that we ideally want. In this case we book the closest available departure times & expect to be placed onto the next available departure once your coach arrives at the check-in. This is a common event & usually involves a short wait until the next available departure. There may be longer delays however, for which Varsity Travel accepts no responsibility for. Where your tour involves 2 or more coaches, we cannot guarantee that all coaches will booked on the same departures.


In the case of an individual’s withdrawal after the deposit payment & before the Final Payment Due Date (ie. 5 weeks before departure), the initial deposit is forfeit. In the case of an individual's withdrawal after the Final Payment Due Date the total cost of the tour is forfeit. All payments are non-transferable between passengers & are non-refundable.


We always request executive coaches (with toilets, DVD player & sometimes a fridge on board) but we do reserve the right to use non-executive coaches during peak times of year & where the group size is greater than 49 passengers.

Definition of ‘Full-Board’

Dinner on Day 1 is the first meal provided by Varsity Travel & lunch on the final day is the final meal provided. Pupils & staff should bring a packed lunch on Day 1 & 10 Euros for dinner at the airport/ferry port on the final day.

Student Hotel Rooms

We reserve the option of using any combination of multiple rooms for students (singles, twins, triples, quads etc) depending on the hotel room availability. Several Hotel Ibis hotels that we work with do not have triple rooms so an odd number of male/female students may result in 1 student being accommodated in a single room. We will endeavour to accommodate specific requests re: student rooms but this is dependent on hotel room availability. We will request that teachers are accommodated on the same floor as students but this is dependent on hotel room availability & we are unable to guarantee such requests.

Damage to Hotel Rooms

All existing damage to hotel rooms should be reported to staff at check-in. In the event that the hotel invoices us for damage to a room, by accepting your booking with Varsity Travel your school hereby agrees to reimburse the hotel for any costs involved in repairing the damage.

Exchange Rate Surcharges

Our prices are based on an exchange rate of over 1.20 Euros:£1. In the case of the exchange rate decreasing below this level, we may charge an exchange rate surcharge of up to 8% of the cost of the Study Tour, as per the UK Holiday Package Regulations. We would advise participants that at the Final Payment Due Date (ie. exactly one month prior to departure), if the Euro is less than 1.2 Euros:£1, there may be an additional Exchange Rate Surcharge of up to 8% of the total tour cost per paying participant, as permitted by the UK Holiday Package Regulations. We recommend that participants & parents are advised about this so that they can budget for it in their tour calculations.

Travel Insurance

Because of recent changes made by the Financial Services Authority to the provision of travel insurance, tour operators are no longer able to offer travel insurance as part of a holiday package. If your school/college group is not covered by a County or School travel insurance policy, we can forward an internet link to complete the Endsleigh Travel Insurance policy online. Please note that the cost of travel insurance (approx. £1.25p per passenger per day) is not included in the Varsity Travel package cost. It is important that group leaders ensure that they have adequate travel insurance for the Study Tour, either through a school/college policy, Endsleigh Insurance Services or an alternative provider.

Pre-Tour Evening Presentations

We offer to visit your school/college prior to departure to present a comprehensive & interesting Powerpoint presentation to parents & pupils specifically for your Study Tour. These evening presentations are very worthwhile & help to reassure parents that the Study Tour is being professionally organised. Such evening presentations are subject to availability so we recommend early booking. Please note that we offer evening presentations only for schools within a 100 mile radius of our office in London. For schools further afield we will forward a very comprehensive Powerpoint presentation that can be presented by the group leader at the parents’ evening.


Please note that when calculating the staff free place ratio & the price applied to each Study Tour, ‘paying participants’ refers to paying pupils only. Adults (parents, helpers, carers etc.) are not included as ‘paying participants’ in the invoice calculations. 

Valuables & Lost Items

All valuables, electronic items, cameras etc. are the sole responsibility of pupils. A police report will be needed to make an insurance claim for lost or stolen items. The making of any police report is the responsibility of the staff accompanying the tour & not the Varsity Travel tour guide. A lot of time can be wasted dealing with lost items & we urge staff to ensure that their students take responsibility for any valuables they take on the tour.

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